Simple and secure team visibility

Break free from phone trees and text chains for your distributed team

Existing tools don’t cut it for distributed team accountability

  • Lining up face-to-face
  • Phone trees and text message chains
  • Messaging apps
  • Collaboration software

Developed with 100s of hours of input from people across roles and organizations, Mustr is flexible to meet different accountability needs

Small Team Operations

Maintain real time visibility into the state of your people no matter where they are

Minimize time on reporting and spend more on leading

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Crisis Response

Push critical broadcasts and get real time updates on personnel status

Spin up ad hoc teams across units, with local first responders

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Organization Accountability & Compliance

Disseminate org-wide information and know when it is actively acknowledged

Collect structured data to support decision making

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See how Mustr can help your people and your organization

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Mustr helps...

Save organizations 1000s of hours

Shift people time from admin compliance to mission readiness

Harness otherwise uncollectible or unstructured data for enterprise use

Mitigate data and info security risk with purpose built secure platform

Remove ad hoc team coordination pain with flexibility & adaptability

Knock down system barriers within and across organizations

The security of your data is our highest priority

We make it fast, safe and easy for organizations to integrate Adyton software into the Risk Management Framework.

Mustr is built by

Adyton is a software technology company founded in 2018 by Special Operations veterans dedicated to providing the next generation of mobile capabilities for people where the mission is critical, lives are at stake, and data makes the difference

Mustr beta testing organizations are already getting impact

Mustr is in use / is scheduled to be put to use by defense and commercial organizations including U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, corporate security, facilities management and industrial services. With our white-glove set up and no-strings trial, results come fast and easy
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